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Every parent has a dream to send his child to some prestigious school, where child’s all-round learning new skills and development be ensured. It’s a dream of every student to go to most elite and prestigious schools. It’s the pinnacle of your education. Skillizen is helping through life skills education, critical life skills curriculum, interactive e-books, kids learning video, life skills teaching, the giving a chance to future students so that they can become tomorrow’s global citizens.

Skillizen is an educational organisation whose aim is to prepare today’s student to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. The objective is to prepare children for tomorrow’s world. How it works?  It is possible by teaching them critical life skills. Life Skills Education includes topics like leadership, teamwork, ethics, empathy, economic common sense, communication, negotiation skill, social media, decision making and problem solving, personal branding, etc. The idea is to impart strong Decision Making and Problem Solving skills to young citizens during the phase when their mind undergoes hardwiring for various concepts around them.

Now the question arises! What are these skills and how are they going to help the students in future? The company has developed an unparalleled curriculum having a pedagogy, wherein interactive lessons, video based case stories and simulative computer games are used to inculcate Life Skills in the young minds. And an inherent component of this curriculum is the testing of Life Skills using real world scenario based questions. While preparing for this highly engaging test, young minds in grade IV-XII will get to learn new skills and will also get to calibrate their skill levels against the most skilled brains around the world.

Skillizen will be conducting a test of life skills ‘International Skills Olympiad’ on 17th of December, 2015. You can enroll your child for this great event ‘International Skills Olympiad (ISO)’ through his or her school. If the school is not on our panel, please tell us on mail or phone, we will contact the school and organize the event. If you are a progressive school leader and you would want your school to become a ‘Skillizen Partner School‘, please do write to! This is the World’s 1st Life Skills Test for Grade IV-XII school students. The winner children has an opportunity to win many exciting prizes! Besides this there are 1000s of other awards.

Skillizen intends to provide Life Skills online courses, learning based web games, interactive books and engaging videos on its online platform in order to reach out to maximum number of such citizens as much as it can. Skillizen prime focus will be to integrate Schools, Parents and Younger citizens across the globe into one platform to provide more and meaningful strength to its mission.

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